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Five Myths about Prescription Drug Abuse

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The fact that many people are ignorant of the reality of prescription drug addiction is one of the main reasons myths about it have spread. Abuse of prescription drugs is defined as using them in any way that a doctor doesn’t prescribe. Prescription drug abuse might occur, for instance, if you were to take 50 mg of the medication valium daily instead of the recommended 20 mg as prescribed by your doctor. 

It would also be deemed prescription drug misuse if a doctor instructed you to take the medication only once a day but you took it more frequently than that. Increasing the frequency or dosage of a medicine is the essence of medication abuse. It can be challenging to distinguish between the realities and myths surrounding prescription medication addiction. Some myths are so prevalent that it’s nearly impossible to believe them, while others contradict one another.

  1. Prescription meds aren’t addictive if used as prescribed

Numerous prescription medications are categorized as Schedule II to V restricted substances by the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA). This indicates that there is a great chance of abusing these medications, which can result in both physical and mental dependence. It’s not always safe to take a medication at your convenience, even if a prescription is issued for a valid purpose. 

After you buy co-codamol bitcoin payment, you must take the medication exactly as your doctor prescribes, according to the precise timing and directions. Inform your doctor of any feelings you experience when you stop taking any prescribed medicine, especially if it has the potential to become addictive. This could potentially save your life by alerting the doctor to the possibility that you are getting dependent and going through withdrawal.

  1. It is safer to abuse prescription drugs than other illegal narcotics

Teenagers and young adults in college are generally of the opinion that using prescribed medications is safer than using illicit ones. Prescription drug abuse, on the other hand, can be fatal and extremely dangerous, five times more likely to result in addiction. Similarly, using prescription medications for purposes other than medical advice is risky and may even be lethal. As a result, this must be cited as a myth with no supporting evidence.

  1. Prescription meds can be shared between those who previously took them

Your family member can ask for a couple of your medication valium. However, sharing prescription medications with anyone is never a good idea, even if they cannot wait for their pharmacy to open or temporarily require the medication. Not only could the dosages change, but you might be unwittingly contributing to someone else’s addiction without even realizing it. People should visit their doctor and adhere to their instructions if they have a condition requiring medication.

  1. Using prescription drugs is legal

It is against the law to obtain prescription meds without a valid prescription in your name or to deceive medical professionals to get one. People who receive controlled substances through prescription fraud are facing arrest. It is technically prohibited even if a relative or friend permits you to take one pill or vice versa.

  1. Everyone does it

It can be risky to assume that prescription drug abuse is normal. Furthermore, age doesn’t affect one’s ability to believe myths and recognize the truth. It’s critical to understand these prescription medication abuse misconceptions and truths before you buy co codamol bitcoin payment. Prescription medication abuse and overuse can result in several issues, including addiction.