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HyConn is a firefighting device that is regarded in Season Two of Shark Tank. It is a quick-connect gadget designed to revolutionize how firefighters join hoses to furnace hydrants. The product elements a 4.5” NH thread to 6” STORZ interface, making sure of compatibility between hydrants and hoses.

The key characteristic of HyConn is that it permits a swift and impervious connection between the furnace hose and the fireplace hydrant. It allows firefighters to rapidly and correctly join the present hydrant, saving valuable time in emergencies.

With standard methods, connecting hoses to hydrants can take up to two minutes, however with HyConn, it can be finished in simply 20 seconds.

HyConn connector affords dependable overall performance and ease of use. Its quick-connect machine ensures a reliable link, permitting firefighters to reply hastily to fires and probably save more lives.

The sketch of the connector additionally makes it handy for users. It can be effortlessly related or disconnected, disposing of the want for lugging around awkward hoses. It’s an easy attach-and-go solution.

HyConn caters to firefighters’ wants and has a domestic model to suit backyard hoses. This versatility opens up probabilities for increasing its product reach. Homeowners can gain from the identical science with the aid of rapidly and without problems connecting or disconnecting their backyard hoses.

HyConn’s success lies in its potential to tackle the urgent desires of firefighters and house owners alike. It streamlines and improves firefighter effectiveness using imparting a fast, secure, and handy connection. Its compatibility with unique hydrants and hoses ensures extensive applicability.

HyConn provides a magnificent connector that ensures environment-friendly water float and invulnerable coupling. It’s a reliable device that makes firefighting duties smoother than ever, permitting firefighters to reply unexpectedly and successfully in emergencies.

Company NameHyConn
EntrepreneurJeff Stroope
ProductFire hydrant and hose connectors with a fast connection
Investment Asking For$500,000 for 40% equity in HyConn
Final Deal$1.25 Million for 100% stake in HyConn + $100,000/year for 3 years + 7.5% royalty to Jeff
SharkMark Cuban
HyConn EpisodeSeason 2, Episode 8
HyConn Business StatusOut Of Business
HyConn WebsiteVisit Website
HyConn Net Worth$84 Million

What Is Hyconn?

HyConn is a heart warfare device that permits quicker and greater environment-friendly fireplace hydrant connections. It is designed to simplify connecting hearth hoses to hydrants at some stage in emergencies.

HyConn was once developed to tackle the challenges firefighters face at some stage in emergencies, such as time constraints and situations connecting hoses rapidly and securely.

The machine has two essential components: the HyConn Connector and the HyConn Adapter. The HyConn Connector is connected to the fireplace hose, whilst the HyConn Net Worth Adapter is established on the hearth hydrant.

The HyConn Connector facets a quick-release mechanism permitting quick and straightforward connection. Instead of threading and twisting the hose onto the hydrant, firefighters push the connector onto the adapter, which locks securely. This eliminates the want for more than one turns and ensures a tight seal.

The HyConn Adapter is mounted on present hearth hydrants and stays in the area permanently. It elements a male coupling that aligns with the female connector on the furnace hose. The adapter additionally has a shielding cowl to forestall particles and contaminants from getting into the connection.

HyConn Net Worth is like-minded with 2.5-inch and 1.75-inch fireplace hoses, which firefighters frequently use. This versatility allows for seamless integration into present firefighting tools besides requiring massive modifications.

HyConn simplifies the connection system to amplify effectivity and minimize emergency response time. It allows firefighters to set up a water grant quickly, which is vital for tremendous operations.

HyConn enhances firefighter safety, saves treasured time, and ensures a dependable and tightly closed connection between fireplace hoses and hydrants.

Who Is The Founder Of Hyconn?

The founder of HyConn is Jeff Stroope. He had a history as a full-time firefighter and witnessed firsthand the destruction prompted by way of fires. Inspired to locate an answer that ought to assist in forestalling such tragedies, Stroope came up with the concept for HyConn Net Worth and headquartered HyConn LLC in 2009.

Stroope desired to revolutionize the firefighting enterprise by presenting firefighters a modern quick-connect device that would permit them to retail greater lives.

He developed a swift-connect unit that should rapidly and efficaciously join to current hydrants, offering a tightly closed and dependable link. This used to be especially vital due to the fact firefighters regularly face time constraints when responding to fires, and each 2nd saves lives.

In addition to the quick-connect machine for firefighting, Stroope additionally designed a domestic model of the product that may want to be used with backyard hoses. This accelerated the viable attainment of HyConn and opened up new chances for the product.

Before performing on Shark Tank, HyConn had already won awareness in the firefighting enterprise for its special products.

The company’s flagship product is the HyConn Hose Connector, an innovative machine that lets firefighters shortly and without problems join hoses except for the want for usual threading.

HyConn’s plan saves treasured time for the duration of emergencies and has the possibility to enhance the effectiveness of firefighting operations greatly. In addition to the HyConn Hose Connector, the business enterprise affords different firefighting gear and accessories.

With their validated music report and revolutionary products, HyConn Net Worth attracted the interest of the Shark Tank producers and used to be allowed to pitch their enterprise to the panel of investors.

How Was The Shark Tank Pitch Of Hyconn?

During the HyConn Net Worth Shark Tank presentation, Jeff Stroope, the creator of HyConn, added his product as a modern way to join and disconnect hearth hoses quickly.

He established how the HyConn connector ought to retail precious time for the duration of emergencies in contrast to the trendy fireplace hose connection. Jeff sought funding of $500,000 in change for 40% fairness in his business, valuing HyConn at $1.25 million.

The Sharks had blended opinions about the product. Mark wondered about the market practicable and the eight-second time distinction in contrast to the well-known connection.

Barbara expressed doubts about the cost-effectiveness of the product for fireplace departments. Damon went out, accompanied by using Barbara.

Robert noticed plausibility in the usage of the product for different applications, such as oil pipelines and family hoses.

Kevin proposed a separate deal to gather the purchaser’s product for backyard hoses, presenting $500,000 in trade for one hundred percent possession and a 3% royalty. Kevin and Mark engaged in a heated argument over their respective offers.

Ultimately, Jeff normal Mark’s provide of $1.25 million for a hundred percent corporation ownership, with a three-year employment contract and extra profit-sharing arrangements. Barbara recounted Jeff’s selection as a desirable move.

However, the deal with Mark finally fell through. Jeff disagreed with Mark’s sketch to license out the design, as it went towards their preliminary settlement for Jeff to control the company. Without Mark’s investment, HyConn struggled to fulfill orders and locate new investors.

As of 2023, HyConn’s legitimate internet site is nevertheless active, however, there is no alternative to buy the product. The company’s social media pages have been inactive for numerous years.

Jeff Stroope works as a Tool & Die Shop Manager at Damp Holding Company. It is not likely that he will show up on Shark Tank again.

Final Deal: Mark Cuban agreed to collect one hundred percent of HyConn and 7.5% royalty to Jeff.

Did HyConn Get A Deal On Shark Tank?

Yes, HyConn did get a deal on Shark Tank. After performing on the exhibit in the 2d season, HyConn secured a deal with Mark Cuban. Cuban invested $1.25 million with a 3-year employment agreement.

However, there have been disagreements between Cuban and HyConn after the deal was once made, in the end main to a negotiation breakdown. Despite now not pleasant the deal with Mark Cuban, HyConn endured its experience and located success on its merit.

What Happened To HyConn After Shark Tank?

After acting on Shark Tank, HyConn at first struck a deal with Mark Cuban, who invested $1.25 million in the company. However, disagreements arose between Cuban and HyConn Net Worth involving the phrases of the investment, main to a breakdown in negotiations.

As a result, the deal with Mark Cuban used to be by no means fulfilled, and the two events determined to section ways. Despite the failed deal, HyConn endured its trip independently.

The publicity received from Shark Tank helped extend sales, however, it wasn’t sufficient to meet the excessive purchaser demand. HyConn confronted challenges in manufacturing and delivery, which took countless years to overcome by obtaining a new investor.

The company’s internet site stays open however gives no merchandise for purchase. The founder, Jeff Stroope, works as a Tool & Die Shop Manager and may want to no longer comment.

The company’s social media presence has additionally ceased, with the remaining put up on Facebook courting lower back to April 2019.

The internet worth of HyConn is tough to decide as no respectable reviews have been released. However, it can be estimated to be around $5 million primarily based on its look at Shark Tank and its interactions with customers.

While HyConn confronted challenges and its commercial enterprise operations appeared on hiatus, its look on Shark Tank and its modern firefighting science has left a lasting legacy in the industry.

HyConn Shark Tank Update

After its look on Shark Tank in 2012, HyConn, the agency in the back of the modern quick-connect hose adapter, skilled huge adjustments and challenges.

Although founder Jeff Stroope at the start obtained a provide from Mark Cuban for $1.25 million, which protected a hundred percent possession of the company, a 3-year employment contract, and a 7.5% royalty on future sales, the deal subsequently fell through. This was once due to disagreements related to the company’s imaginative and prescient direction.

Following the show, HyConn underwent a rebranding procedure and modified its title to “JAH Enterprises.” It additionally shifted its focal point from firefighting functions to industrial applications, aiming to enhance rapid connectors for a range of industrial markets.

Unfortunately, the modern fame of JAH Enterprises, previously recognized as HyConn Net Worth, is uncertain. The company’s online presence has diminished, making it doubtful whether or not they are nevertheless operational or their product line is available.

Despite these challenges, it’s essential to be aware that HyConn’s look on Shark Tank showcased its revolutionary product’s manageable and generated investors’ interest.

However, the subsequent adjustments and challenges confronted through the corporation have contributed to its cutting-edge unsure repute in the market.

Is HyConn Still In Business?

HyConn, the hose connector organization based using Jeff Stroope, is no longer in business. The business enterprise faced challenges despite firstly gaining traction and securing buy orders from 4 furnace departments.

After performing on the TV exhibit Shark Tank in 2011 and receiving a provide from Mark Cuban. Unfortunately, HyConn’s online presence began to decline in 2019, and its e-commerce internet site has been shut down. It is believed that the corporation struggled to promote its merchandise to the authorities due to financial constraints. As a result, it looks like HyConn is no longer operational and is presently well worth $0.

What Is The Net Worth Of HyConn?

According to our research, the internet’s really worth of HyConn is unavailable seeing that the company’s reputation is unknown. The valuation of HyConn was once $1.25 million after getting received through Mark Cuban on Shark Tank.